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Best Kitchen Design in London

Point 5 Kitchens is over the moon to share that in 2023 we’ve won our very first major award: the United Kingdom Property Awards for the Best Kitchen Design in London! 

It’s a huge honor to be recognized among the best in the industry, and we’re expressing our gratitude for everyone who contributed their time, passion and dedication to making this achievement possible. This award is a testament to the incredible teamwork, creativity and commitment to excellence that lays at the grounds of Point 5 Kitchens philosophy.

We believe and hope that this award is just the beginning of our journey. We’re eagerly looking forward to embracing any future challenges and opportunities that come our way, ready to keep pushing the boundaries of design innovation and delivering top-notch kitchens that inspire.

Design Overview

Porcelain cladded island: The island boasts a stunning porcelain worktop, with the real showstopper – oversized workspace with the doors at the back covered with the same porcelain material, finished with router liquid metal details. Additional intriguing design is the 60 mm thickness of the slab ends at the front, changes to 12 mm at the back.

Liquid metal details: Use of liquid metal accents elevates the kitchen’s elegance. From the router handles inserts to the island plinths, and a beautiful strip of liquid brass gracefully dividing the tall units and cabinets above. Utility entrance: One of the most challenging aspects of this design was conceiving hidden utility doors, that remain open while in use. The flawless execution of this feature seamlessly blends utility with style, ensuring convenience without compromising on aesthetics.

Pocket doors solutions: The kitchen’s layout incorporates two separate pocket doors units. One serves as a chic bar area while the other transforms into a break- fast space.

Utility innovations: Pocket doors seamlessly hiding the washing machine and tumble dryer. Both cabinets are equipped with pullout shelves for laundry baskets and deep drawers, allowing laundry tasks with efficiency and elegance. The drying cabinet is also playing significant part in increasing the functionality of the space.

Through the entire process, we maintained open channels of communication to ensured that every person involved in the project was working in harmony to bring this extraordinary kitchen concept to life.

Concept Stage

In response to the client’s requirements, we have designed a kitchen concept. The kitchen was to be installed into the newly built extension, providing ample space for a luxurious and functional layout. The space wasn’t ready for the measure during the first consultation.

The client asked that the heart of the design should be the oversized island, accompanied by Liquid metal details that add sophistication and extra depth to the design. With two seats on the island, it becomes an inviting social hub, perfect for gatherings and casual dining.

We have integrated hidden utility doors, creating a seamless look while providing easy access to essential kitchen utilities. Furthermore, our design showcases a thoughtful pocket door solution for the breakfast area.

During our meeting at the showroom, the client expressed their admiration for the natural veneer and brass liquid metal samples. We made sure these elements were incorporated into the first design.

For the appliances, we recommend the Gaggenau ovens, known for its exceptional performance and elegant design. To optimise both aesthetics and practicality, we have incorporated Miele downdraft system with an induction hob on the island.

In the utility area, our focus remains on organisation and aesthetics. Concealed washing machines and tumble dryers will maintain the kitchen’s seamless appearance while maximising functionality.

Most important elements

Grand unveiling of our chosen design – a kitchen and seamless utility masterpiece. As esteemed judges, we invite you to immerse in the essence of this project, where attention to details and innovative features combine to create a design that stands out from the competitors. Please allow us to explain certain design choices.

CONTRASTING COLOURS PALETTE: The kitchen boasts a striking two-colour scheme, one side white spray-painted doors and the other rich natural veneer of the Wenge tree. Creating contrast that enhances the overall visual appeal of the space.

COUNTERTOP CHOICE: Our choice for the worktop was Atlas Plan 12mm Silk Calacatta Delicato. We prioritised durability, and scratch and stain resistance – qualities that ensure a long-lasting surface for our clients. The delicacy of the veins was very important aspect of the choose, allowing the worktop to blend into the project and not overtake the overall look.

BRASS LIQUID METAL: Details that elevate the kitchen’s elegance to new heights. From the sleek router handles inserts to the intriguing strip gracefully dividing the tall units and cabinets above.

ILLUMINATING LED LIGHTS: The gap between the cabinets and ceiling is enhanced by warm LED lights. The soft glow beautifully complements the design while emphasising chosen materials.

LE MANSE UNIT: The storage solution featuring shelves that effortlessly glide and pivot, providing easy access to every corner of the cabinet.


GAGGENAU APPLIANCES: Blending into the dark veneer units, the Gaggenau full ovens and tall warming drawers in anthracite colour not only provide top-tier functionality but also add luxury to the design. The choice of the ovens was driven by their exceptional quality, aesthetics, and colour compatibility.

MIELE INDUCTION HOB AND DOWNDRAFT EXTRACTOR: Chosen for superb quality and luxurious aesthetics, the Miele induction hob and downdraft creates a harmonious pairing in the sleek black shades.


Projecting luxury and functionality, the integrated American-style fridge freezer delights with its seamless integration and high-performance features.

DUNAVOX WINE COOLER: Selected for its exceptional design and ability to accommodate furniture doors, the Dunavox tall wine cooler stands proudly within the tall units, elevating the kitchen’s entertainment space.

MIELE DISHWASHER, WASHING MACHINE, AND TUMBLE DRYER: Chosen for their prestige as a luxury brand and unwavering quality, the appliances exude sophistication while delivering optimal performance for the utmost satisfaction.

INTEGRATED SIEMENS APPLIANCES: The Siemens microwave oven placed behind pocket doors, the under-counter fridge, and freezer in the utility area were chosen for their blend of quality and price point. The seamless integration of these appliances optimises space without compromising functionality.

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